Instagram Model Makes Million’s Of Dollars From This

You’ve probably never heard of them, but they are all making millions of pounds thanks to snaps posted on social media.

These are the top ten fitness models in the world today who are quids in after shooting to fame due to racy photos seen on Instagram.

None of them are quite at the level of household names like Gisele Bundchen, Gigi Hadid or Cara Delevingne, but their millions of online followers are helping them rake in the cash.

1. Ana Cheri

With 4.6million followers, Ana Cheri is the biggest name in fitness modeling at the moment, earning around £2.4m in her career so far according to figures.

The California-based model, 29, has posed for Playboy and promotes weight-loss and body-building products for Shredz.

She also has her own range of fitness videos.

2. Kayla Itsines

Running Cheri close with 4.1million followers, the Australian model, 24, has banked more cash than her online rival with £4.9million.

She is a certified fitness trainer from Adelaide who has made her money through a series of ‘bikini body’ exercise guides.

Itsines is fond of her legion of followers and often posts before-and-after pictures of people who have undergone her training regimes.

3. Paige Hathaway 

The 26-year-old from Minnesota, US, has 3.2million followers on Instagram who have helped her rake in £3.8million.

She also promotes products for supplements firm Shredz and runs her own fitness courses.

Hathaway provides personalised fitness and nutrition plans on her website and promises results within 90 days if you stick to them.

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